These are the rules we follow:

  1. Harassing anyone is on a “3 strikes you’re out” basis. Flaming another person in a public chat will count to this total.
  2. Giving away private information about this discord is a bannable offence and you will get blacklisted and KOS’d in whichever game we find you in.
  3. Use appropriate chat channels. If there is not a channel available for your topic default to #lounge-chat.
  4. If you have an issue with someone deal with it in a direct message with that person. If you can’t reach a conclusion reach out to someone with a rank 1 above your own.

-Disclaimer- Your Primordials are not bound by rules. They were made to govern Titans and below. If you leave we will still be here at the end of the day.

Additionally, These are the roles of this discord:

  1. @Primordial – Will manage the discord and all its assets. (Same responsibilities as below)
  2. @Titan – Server Administrators will work to enhance the experience of this discord for its members. (Same responsibilities as below)
  3. @Gods – Server Moderators will resolve conflicts and provide information for the discord.
  4. @Demi-Gods – While a valued member of the community, have no responsibilities expected of them.

Further rules may still apply as situations arise and we face other issues. Any infraction not explicitly covered by the rules laid out herein are at the sole discretion of the Primordials and their decisions, we will take actions we deem necessary to fit whatever the case may be.