Isle Rules

The rules are held strictly. Enforced by my @Titans and @Gods.

It is also important to note that these rules are in addition to any applicable rules defined in the Server Rules. Any conflict between these two documents will be resolved by @primordials.

  • There is no team killing. If you invite or are invited to a group you can not team kill. The only exception to this rule is if you are starving and take damage however you may only kill strangers.
  • Avoid the killing of juveniles. While Sub adults are open, KOSing babies will not help the server population.
  • Territory rules apply to everyone whether in VC or not. Do not bring randoms to our growing places.
  • Kill unknown players that come to our spot. Aggression at home is the only way to secure it.
  • No locations. Information leak about this discord is bannable on the first strike if determined.
  • If you are playing with or around the Primordial group members you adopt their rules and are held accountable for misconduct in the same manner.


Since we primarily play on the Development servers, you also have to follow the Dev’s rules.